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Save Hundreds Off Your Present Monthly Denver Mort

-- Yes, refinancing could be the answer!

Declining interest rates always spark talk about the merits of mortgage refinancing, but most Denver home owners are unsure if refinancing is really a good option for them. The question, of course, is, "will it really save me money?" Like most things it depends on your particular situation -- your present rate, how long you intend to stay in your Denver home, what it will cost to do the refinancing, etc.  When to Refinance

An often cited rule is the 2-2-2 rule. Don't refinance unless your interest rate is at least 2% below your current rate, you plan to live in your Denver home for a least 2 years and your closing costs are less than 2% of your loan amount. A good quick indicator, but remember the bottom line is: will you be owning your Denver home long enough to recover your closing costs. There are a number of variables and this doesn't always have to be the case.  Find Out the Answers, For Free, No Obligation

And no hassle. We've got a wide variety of ways and options for refinancing available for Denver home owners, from no-cost refinancing to streamline refinances. And we'll tell you all about the best ones available just for you and your particular situation-- without cost or obligation. You get answers to your questions about Denver refinancing and find out if you can save some money without any obligation. Just call or email David Ruch, (303) 843-9600 or  What's Involved in Refinancing?

Refinancing is is many ways like buying a home, only often simpler. However, you should still have available things like previous year's tax returns, paycheck stubs, credit reports and other items needed to qualify for your new loan. For the new loan, the current value of your Denver home will need to be assessed and verified by an appraisal. There are a number of different options for handling the cost of the appraisal, as well as other costs involved in refinancing.

Our no obligation review of your refinancing options can tell you if refinancing can save you money. Did you know that there is no reason not to keep refinancing over and over again in periods where rates keep falling. That is, if it makes financial sense and unless you have opted for a mortgage with prepayment penalties. Let us run the numbers for you and help you find the best way to save on your Denver home mortgage. Call David Ruch at (303) 840-9252. Or apply for a refinancing loan right now online. Click Here.


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