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Client Testimonials

Hi Team from Denver Hot Loans and Nationwide Loans.This is to express my gratitude for my acquisition of my new home. I am really grateful for the good job done!

Williams Kofi Yeboah

If no-one has told you lately, you are all amazing!!! I know you all work extremely hard, but you all made buying a house seems easy. From the first meeting Brittany and I had with David down to the closing next week, we have been completely happy. My family and I feel like we are your family, that's how great we've been treated. An extra  thank you to Christine and Leanne for going that extra mile for us to make this process seamless. It may be simple to you all, but you should know how we feel. You have not only found us a house, we found a home. And maybe even a couple friends along the way.

Thanks Again!

Kevin Duerbusch

Thank you so much for truly one of the best real estate experiences we have ever had. We have moved several times over the last 15 years and this one was the smoothest, easiest, and most seamless process we can remember. This time we were actually presented with our most challenging circumstances (including the state of the market), yet your team gave us every confidence that it would be perfect. Perfect it was, and we can't thank you enough for all of your professional work ethic, your prompt responses and communication, and your kindness throughout. We will refer you always, any chance we get.

Our Appreciation,

The Moore's

We wanted to thank each of you again for working so hard to get us our first home! We are so happy and excited and wanted you all to know how truly thankful we are to have found your team to help us through this quite grueling (at times) process and helping us through every step.

Although we've only ever met Leisha, we have pictures of how each of you look (based solely upon your voices) etched in our minds forever! Despite the fact that you're probably all young hotties, because of your amazingly sweet nature, and incredible patience, we imagine each of you as a chubby southern grandma/grandpa! We joke that between calls you're knitting quilts and sipping iced tea! ha ha

Someday soon, I'll call the office and hopefully we can peek in and say hi. We'd like to send a formal thank you so may we please have the address to the office where all of you work!?

Again, thank you so so much for everything and if we decide to have a housewarming party, you'll all be invited!

Missy, Jason, Mateo (and our dog Benito!)

Rhonda & I wanted to send a note to all of you thanking you for all of your work and persistence in helping us buy our home.

It has taken time and most companies that we have spoken to dismissed us as soon as they saw our credit report. We first spoke with David a year and a half ago. You guys helped us all along the way and if it wasn't for team I doubt we would own a home today.

We are sincerely grateful, you have been a blessing and we thank you dearly!

If you ever need a reference to post on your website or for another customer please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you continued success, thanks again!

Robbie Richmond

I know that Robbi already sent out something that was from all of us. However, I needed to say it one more time. You all have no idea what you have helped us to do. Our family has wanted to much to be stable and we have talked to a number of shifty and shady agents who really just wanted to take us for any little bit of money they could get from us.

But you all kept your word and you dealt with us through our skepticism and fear. I want to tell you that that means so very much to us. Terilynn, we called a lot because of the financing part of the issue has always been the most difficult for us. What we want you to know is that if you run into another couple like us, they are probably experiencing some shock and fear. After all, because of problems with houses, even houses we hoped to rent to own and due to other issues we have moved roughly a lot over the years. That is very hard on people. Once it was because of mold, once because the house was falling apart and well, David understands what we live with right now. It really gets hard to be patient.

Nancy, we want to thank you for showing us all those homes. We had you all over Colorado Metro area and you just kept showing up. Especially when we could not make up our minds. It was so very nice to have you helping us through that.

LeeAnn, you are just a doll. I have never had anyone ( other than Nancy ) call me Hon as much as you did..LOL. But you were very on point with everything and you helped us a lot.

But David, I was more skeptical of you because I met men and women who claimed to be able to do what you really did. You helped us to get things straightened out and you kept pushing us to keep going and you called us back and said, "Lets look at things again". You do what you say and that is not something one can say about people In the world today. I am proud to have met you and your team and I think you all deserved to know why.

Rhonda Richmond

We had the closing on Fraser property today. I sincerely wanted to thank you for all the cooperation and guidance. Without your help, I wouldn't have been able to do that many things.

Hom Raj

I just wanted to send you a note about my experiences with Nationwide Homes. Feeling almost compelled to write this, I would be remiss if I failed to do so. You see Mr. Ruch, I'm a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due and am highly responsive to caring and considerate people - both within a casual and professional capacity.

Recently, my wife and I purchased our first home, with the help of you and your staff. As you may know, this can be both intimidating and overwhelming. Especially for individuals new to the home purchasing process. Not only that, but it can also be somewhat frustrating and financially trying.Most people, when purchasing a home, can easily fall prey to the pressures and stresses of such a detail oriented procedure. This simply was not the case - thanks to you and your staff.

My wife and I would like to sincerely express our tremendous gratitude to you and your staff for providing us with a most enjoyable experience, in purchasing our home. We never imagined that it could be so uncomplicated and joyous. Again, thanks to you and your staff.

Our first contact with your company, was with Mr. Steve Martin. A saint by any definition of the term. Steve's committment to helping make our dream come true, if you ask me, is unparalleled at any capacity, in any industry or business. His unwavering, positive attitude and willingness to both educate about and clarify the detailed process, was extremely appreciated and welcomed like a breath of fresh air. And believe me, we had alot of questions. Mr. Martin truly is a knowledgable professional and a genuinely caring person. We greatly appreciate Mr. Martin's honesty, integrity and concern for our best interests. Steve was extremely helpful and genuinely caring in our dealings with him. A valued asset to us and your company, as well. Thank You so much Steve !

Nancy Sauceda was our agent and purchasing representative, on behalf of Nationwide Homes. Throughout our purchasing process, Nancy's ever-present patience and personally concerned attitude, never faltered. And, it contributed, as a vital part, to making our dreams come true. Her pleasant personality and skilled professionalism really elevated the enjoyment factor and all but eliminated any related stress. With a focus on finding exactly what we wanted, Nancy provided a can-do, let's make it happen, game plan. And that's exactly what happened. We got exactly what we wanted, for what we wanted, when we wanted it. All, thanks to Nancy. Thank You so much Nancy !

Our Nationwide Homes appointed finance specialist was TerriLynn Robinson. Now I don't want to bash numbers people. But, typically they can be a cut and dry, black or white, type. Just take what I say with a grain of salt. Numbers people can be all business. A regular p.i.t.a.. Not TerriLynn. She was an absolute joy to work with. None of the cold, just the facts type attitude. It was a pleasure to work with a financial specialist, without feeling like just a number. TerriLynn was friendly, warm and professional. And boy did she get the job done in a timely fashion. A great asset for both of us. Thanks a bunch TerriLynn !

Lastly David, I must commend you on assembling such a skilled group of professionals and a pleasant team of caring individuals. Somehow, I firmly believe that there is more to your group otherthan simply the excellent training that you provide. You truly have a wonderful group of people, Mr. Ruch. And, this translates into great rewards for your clients, like us. For this, we are tremendously grateful ! Keep up the Outstanding work. A Sincere Gratitude goes out to you and your staff, Mr. Ruch !

William Botelho & Melissa Cross

Better Business Bureau ( We received the 2014 BBB Gold Star certificates with no complaints in a three-year period - 1/1/2012 - 12/31/2014

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